Souvenir d'Italie.
A nonprofit Art Story

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Souvenir d’Italie. A nonprofit Art Story

edited by Patrizia Brusarosco and Milovan Farronato

Almost 20 years after the founding of Viafarini, and after 15 years of collaboration with Careof that led to the foundation of DOCVA in 2008, we hereby present the story and the protagonists of the contemporary art world in Italy from 1991 to the present day, through the experience of a renowned Milanese nonprofit organization. Not only does the volume describe the core activities of the organization, it also brings together evidence, documents, photographs as well as previously unpublished works.

The volume consists of 17 chapters, which describe the fundamental activities of a nonprofit organization:

1_”From the Armin Linke Archive” The chapter consists of exhibition views, installation views, as well as portraits of the protagonists of the Italian art scene in the ‘90s, through a selection of photographs from the Armin Linke’s archive.

2_“The Beginnings” Contains photographs and texts documenting the start-up of Viafarini: the first exhibitions and the first membership projects that have involved a great part of the Italian based artists active in that period, from the first collaborations with critics and curators to a selection of press clips and articles published on national and international newspapers illustrating the context in which Viafarini started its activities.

3_“First Show” A chronological recount of Viafarini’s exhibitions from 1991 to 2010, presenting the original graphics for the invitation cards as well as some exhibition views.

4_“Viafarini Live” A chapter dedicated to the performances realised throughout the years, documented through the photographs of the archive.

5_“Story of the Archive” From the collaboration with the only other independent space at that time, Careof, to the foundation of the DOCVA Archive, with the contribution of those who have been in charge of the examination of the materials of the Portfolio Archive. Texts by: Alessandra Galasso, Alessandra Galletta, Mario Gorni, Milovan Farronato, Gabi Scardi.

6_“Souvenir d’Italie” The chapter collects several thoughts and memories by some artists who narrate their experience with Viafarini in the form of special projects. Contributions by: Alberto Garutti, Eva Marisaldi, Cesare Pietroiusti, Giancarlo Norese, Adrian Paci, Alessandro Pessoli, and Vedovamazzei.

7_“From Milano on the move to VIR” The chapter describes the initiatives for the promotion of the mobility of the Italian artists abroad. From the creation of Artbox, the database with documentation about opportunities such as prizes, fellowships, workshops and organizations for artists and art professionals, to Interplace Access exhibition about the nonprofit art spaces in Italy and abroad, curated by Tatiana Trouvé and Marion Baruch, until the recent Milano on the move project, which invited the directors of international artist residences to visit Italian artists’ studios and eventually led to the start-up of VIR Viafarini-in-residence. The chapter includes a contribution by Gabi Scardi focused on the mobility of Italian Artists.

8_“Outside projects” An overview of Viafarini’s outside projects.

9_”From Lazzaro Palazzi to Via Fiuggi…” A survey focusing on the Milanese and Italian artistic scenario from the ‘80s to the present day, with regard to the artist-run spaces as well as alternative and indipendent spaces. Starting from via Lazzaro Palazzi, Brown Boveri and Via Fiuggi, to the most recent initiatives. Unpublished documents, photographs and texts by: Stefano Baia Curioni, Luca Cerizza, Franceso Garutti, Paola Nicolin, Pier Luigi Sacco, Angela Vettese.

10_“Unknow Matters” From the press office of the earlier projects and works by Maurizio Cattelan, to the “unpredictable” interns such as Paola Guadagnino and Vanessa Beecroft; to objects, images and unpublished projects from the Portfolio Archive, and initiatives involving design and fashion…

11_“From Critical Quest to Curatology©” In this chapter some critical and curatorial contributions and essays, including materials from the archive as well as unpublished texts. From Critical Quest (1993) curated by Alessandra Galletta and Marco Senaldi, to Curatology© (2009) curated by Milovan Farronato.

12_“Anatomy” “Unveiling” the story of the Archive and its documents and materials, taking a different and alternative perspective.

13_“Education” One of the core mission of a nonprofit organization: training, educational activities, relationships with Universities and Academies, seminars, conferences, workshops…

14_“Italian Area” Critical contributions to define the Italian creative scenario of the last 20 years. Viafarini invited some Italian art critics who have collaborated with the organization in the past, to select a work documented in the and to comment upon it. With the contributions of: Cecilia Alemani, Chiara Bertola, Barbara Casavecchia, Luca Cerizza, Giulio Ciavoliello, Anna Daneri, Roberto Daolio, Emanuela De Cecco, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Milovan Farronato, Beppe Finessi, Elio Grazioli, Andrea Lissoni, Guido Molinari, Lisa Parola, Francesca Pasini, Cloe Piccoli, Alessandra Pioselli, Alessandro Rabottini, Gianni Romano, Gabi Scardi, Marco Tagliafierro, Giorgio Verzotti, Andrea Viliani, Claudia Zanfi. At the end of the chapter a text by Hans Ulrich Obrist.

15_“Portraits by Linda Fregni Nagler” From Prove per un Annuario by Linda Fregni Nagler. 16_“London” A focus on the English artists who have exhibited in Viafarini at the beginning of their career: Martin Creed, Mat Collishaw, Angus Fairhust, Mona Hatoum, Runa Islam, Tania Kovatz, Abigail Lane, Gillian Wearing.

17_“Thanks to” In this chapter Viafarini thanks everyone who contributed to the birth and the development of all its activities, project and visions.

Edited by Patrizia Brusarosco and Milovan Farronato

Published by Mousse Publishing 392 pages, color

Texts by Cecilia Alemani, Michela Arfiero, Stefano Baia Curioni, Chiara Bertola, Elena Bordignon, Giulia Brivio, Patrizia Brusarosco, Barbara Casavecchia, Luca Cerizza, Gail Cochrane, Giulio Ciavoliello, Anna Daneri, Roberto Daolio, Vincenzo de Bellis, Emanuela De Cecco, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Milovan Farronato, Davide Ferri, Beppe Finessi, Alessandra Galasso, Alesandra Galletta, Francesco Garutti, Mario Gorni, Elio Grazioli, Antonio Grulli, Andrea Lissoni, Simone Menegoi, Guido Molinari, Paola Nicolin, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lisa Parola, Francesca Pasini, Cloe Piccoli, Alessandra Pioselli, Alessandro Rabottini, Gianni Romano, Pierluigi Sacco, Gabi Scardi, Marco Tagliafierro, Monica Thurner, Giulio Verago, Giorgio Verzotti, Angela Vettese, Andrea Viliani, Claudia Zanfi

Special Projects by Linda Fregni Nagler, Alberto Garutti, Armin Linke, Eva Marisaldi, Adrian Paci, Alessandro Pessoli, Cesare Pietroiusti, Vedovamazzei

Contributions by Alessio Antoniolli, Jonathan Baldock, Shane Campbell, Nicoletta Fiorucci, Susanna Gemmo, Benjamin Greber, Kim Jones, Francesca Kaufmann, Sefer Memisoglu, Nirith Nelson, Els van Odijk, Dragana Sapanjos, Julia Staszak, Alberto Tadiello, Scott Treleaven, Ulrich Vogl

Photo credits Davide Bonasia, Santi Caleca, Alberto Callari, Paola Di Bello, Mario Gorni, Salvatore Licitra, Armin Linke, Rossana Lo Russo, Deborah Manca, Antonio Maniscalco, Roberto Marossi, Andrea Martiradonna, Agostino Osio, Giovanni Ricci, Isabella Rosa, Zeno Zotti

Editors Giulia Brivio, Monica Thurner, Giulio Verago

Special thanks to Gemmo spa


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