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You, can you recommend your psychiatrist?

David Renggli

curated by Noah Stolz

February 8 - March 31, 2007

On the occasion of the exhibition by Fischli/Weiss for the Venice Biennale in 1995, Bice Curiger dedicated to the artists a text entitled “Sunday Children”. The author affirms that Fischli/Weiss belong to a generation that left behind the images of the pop era, and its celebration of “the innovative intrusion of modern everyday life, with all its banalities, into the realm of art”. She then draws the conclusion: “We workaday people with… our lowly wishes and compulsions have no choice but to… bear the unbearable lightness of their sunny affirmation”. Probably David Renggli is a Friday Child, as his running about, his feverish and Pantagruelian production hint to anything but a quiet Sunday.

The objects by David Renggli are modified, made unnatural, they enter a context in a nearly narrative modus, however contradicting each other, expressing a subversive vitality that finds us unawares. His compositions are the result of an unnatural melting of an uprooted and exploded culture – the one of images -, which cannot allow itself anymore to reverse orders, or maybe it is not interested anymore in doing it.

At Viafarini David Renggli presents a new installation that includes the whole corpus of his last project, "you, can you recommend your psychiatrist?", made of 1001 collages, sketches and paintings. Many of these images consist of scribbled sheets of paper, pages torn from magazines – or from old monographies about big painters of the past – on which Renggli painted abstract motives in telegraphic style or superimposed other images. The same happens to some reproductions of his works, made unrecognisable. Everything which is represented, every found image has thus to go through the breaking up filter of this titanic action, which in its whole faithfully portraits the artist’s wild world.

This work presents a new aspect in Renggli’s oeuvre, as it tackles the issue of his debit with painting. Usually this aspect is hidden, while in these 1001 images Renggli composes a unique, unrestrainable pictorial concept; a sort of exploded painting, made of single units that we cannot see together at one glance, but that we have to discover one at a time. The viewer will find himself overwhelmed by an ambiguous environment, in which even the function of the exhibition space is “disturbed” by the work’s nature.

With the support of Comune di Milano - Settore Tempo Libero, Pro Helevetia and Gemmo S.p.A.


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