studio view

Switch, 2008
electric circuit, drilling machine

Pws 1200 IPC Kh3116,
drilling machines, cables

Alberto Tadiello
Gemmo spa scholarship

February - April 2008

During his two months residency stay, made possible by Gemmo scholarship, Alberto Tadiello collected signs and suggestions which eventually took the shape of three brand new artworks, dissimilar expressions of the same longing for experimentation of new encounters/contrasts and force comparison. The perpetual motion of Pws 1200 IPC Kh3116 invades the exhibitional space. Four cables cross the artwork lengthwise, two fixed on the wall and the others connected to two miter saws (the title of the artwork refers to the name of machine's industrial model). The machines suddenly turns on, creating parallel whirls which rise themselves from the floor at the same time, like hypnotizing springs. Quiescency and powerfulness face themselves, suggesting an implicit and progressive tension that leads to an unreachable point. Pws 1200 IPC Kh3116 is a kind of abract drawing, the phisical expression of a mechanical design, realized with drilling machines, compass and ball point pen, the tools from which the artist started his residency period.

The audio installation Switch is based upon a costant, neverending pulsation. The electrical tension determinates an excess of energy, a continuous switch on/switch off loop, a vicious circle of rythm and downfall, sound collapse and new engine start procedures.

Another work, titled sin i=n2/n1, is characterized by a simple, evocative powerfulness, related to a more incidental logics: the occasional encounter between the light of a half covered bulb and a magnifying glass. At first glace it reveals a subtle pictorial effect, that eventually turns itself into a cosmic apparition projected on the wall. The lens, traversed by light, materializes a kind of eclipse, a speckled arabesque composed by tiny rainbows.


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